Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Project Zaku: Harry Potter

Wow.. I've been busy. I did get to finish off another Zaku for a friend. He wanted a themed one. It was a special request.. as I've known him for 30 years now... maybe more.

This one was fun!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Costume Zaku Helmet For Sale!!

I've been super busy lately. In full production mode. Even halted my daughter's Zaku build for this. But, it's for a good reason.

I'm building an army of Zaku helmets! And they're all for sale!!

My daughter's school is in need of funding. (Whose school isn't, AMIRITE?!?) Well, I don't have any money to give them. Don't have a lot of time to give them either. Seeing as I'm a bad baker. Can't really make scarves. All I'm good at is crafts. And I can do them pretty fast. Why not make something I like? And since I'm already in production of a Zaku helmet. The process is fresh in my head. I can replicate the entire process pretty quickly. Mass producing them wouldn't be that much more effort and time.

So, PLEASE buy one (or two) now! This will make any guy/girl super awesome. (IF they aren't already) Seriously. Like seriously awesome. It will make a perfect birthday gift. And of course, it's the perfect halloween costume.

- all foam construction
- super lightweight
- durable
- no sharp edges (for kids)*
- great vision out of helmet
- limited edition
- included pads for different head sizes. Velcro'd on/off!
- yes, it does fit adults (Unless you have a freakishly large head. Then some modding will need to be done)
- colour of your choice (Gloss or Matte finish. No metallics)
- doubles as a thought screen helmet! Scrambles telepathic communication between aliens and humans! (at no extra cost)
- OPTIONAL: free of charge. Black, see-through cloth screen to cover mask.

SO, who wants one? It's for a good cause! I don't want my daughter to be a dummy. It'll pain me to watch her sit in the sandpit ALL year round with nothing else to do.

I'll be selling this first batch at a discounted price of $100CAD (plus shipping).  And I'll even let you pick your colour!

All the proceeds will go to my daughter's school!

Email me for details or questions: gundamumpg [at] gmail [dot] com

I suggest buying at least 5. Who doesn't want a Zaku army?!?

* This Char's salmon colored Zaku is already sold!  (Zeon flag not for sale)
** There are 2 green ones already painted. Looks pretty sweet!! I'll post pics in next post.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Fan Expo 2012

Got my costume (and my daughter's) finished just in time for the anime/comic convention. Boy, was it fun.

At the last minute, she wanted to go as Batgirl. That's ok, because Adam West and Burt Ward was there. And the Batmobile!! Her Batgirl was of the same era so she fit right in. I did take her Zaku helmet along just in case she wanted switch it out. (Which she did.. so, it was cool)

So impressed in how friendly everyone was! Quite exhausting for me. I never really did go through the vendors booths though. I was pulled in every direction for photo-ops. For 6 hours! Even during my lunch, when my helmet was off, I felt cameras on me. Still cool.

 Flash always ruining photos

 Typical Vancouver sized raindrop

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Vintage Pilot!

Today, I was super fortunate to come across a vintage toy. A 1989 Countdown Astronaut G.I. Joe figure! (ok, i'll be honest, I had to look him up.. but, he's VINTAGE!) My brother-in-law knew I was looking for one. Because I needed a pilot to put inside the cockpit, of course!

So, I quickly whipped up a chair for him.

 Very cozy

 Yea, of course the screen lights up too!

All painted! Ready for the big show!!